BSC CONTRACT ADDRESS 0x799e1Cf88A236e42b4A87c544A22A94aE95A6910

ETH CONTRACT ADDRESS 0xD3c51de3E6DD9b53D7f37699AFB3EE3Bf9B9b3F4

*The Tokenomics has been designed with a purpose to enhance the “Content Creators Fund” with every buy & sell of the transaction thus supporting as many deserving content creators as possible while also offering exceptional ROI for all investors.


We aspire to progress towards a sustainable and inclusive environment financially while benefiting all stakeholders, ultimately striving for healthy development in the DeFi industry.

39.77% Burn Wallet
15% Seed/Private
5% Marketing
20% Ecosystem
15% CCF (Content Creators Fund)
10.23% IDO

As for token allocation, Lockup and Vesting periods, we focused on creating a fair model that prioritizes sustained and healthy MContent growth while allowing a dynamic support system for our content projects and an alluring reward program for our token holders.

Total Supply on Launch: 10,000,000,000,000,000 – 10 Quadrillion

Total Burnt Supply till date: 3,973,754,946,564,680 – just under 4 Quadrillion

Allocations Lockup & Vesting schedules
CCF 75% locked for 2 years with 6.25% monthly linear vesting thereafter
Marketing 85% locked till 1.5 years with 7.083% monthly linear vesting thereafter
Ecosystem 78% locked till 3 years with 2.16% monthly linear vesting thereafter
Seed/Private 80% locked till 1.5 years with 4.44% monthly linear vesting thereafter


MContent successfully introduced the world’s first WATCH2EARN platform and world’s first fully tokenized collaborative content ecosystem with the core purpose of seed funding, incubating and curating film makers and content producers around the world.

The platform will create direct financing for deserving content creators, film professionals and media artists who have the talent but not the funding, giving them access to both global investors and audiences.


Our Vision

Fueling a content revolution by creating scalability, mass adaption & crowdfunding using the power of fintech and blockchain.

Mission Statement

Creating a collaborative content eco system that self funds & fuels the creation, trade, consumption and production of content around the world.

The Content Revolution is Growing

MContent Media

How it works

Our Eco System Provides a Platform for Content Producers to:

Co Create


The Buyers

  • Corporates
  • Publishers
  • Individuals
  • Resellers
  • Knowledge Seekers
  • NFT Seekers
  • Educationists
  • Subscribers


Our Roadmap reflects our aggressive journey towards the content revolution as we plan to achieve major milestones at a rapid pace of progress

JUNE 2021

Intro Website Launch
Team Introduction
TechRate Audit
Marketing & Billboard
Mentor & Celebrity Sign Ups
Beta Platform Sneak Peak
Doxxing Phase One
Announcements From Mentors Committee
First MOriginals Signing

Q3 2021

Beta App Launched
BSC Token Launch
BKEX Listing
CoinGecko Listing
Bitmart Listing
Github Listing
MSeed Reality Show
Solidity Finance Audit
Doxxing Phase Two
Corporate Restructuring
CMC Listing
Mega Exchange Listings x 2
First Fifty Projects Funded
First Four MOriginals Promotions & BTS
Production Phase One
International Partnered Talent Hunt
PD Advanced Implementation
Billboards & Publications

Q4 2021

Launch of MTrade, MBrowse and MWork
Global Inductions
Contracting Structure with Producers
Full Platform Launch with Complimentary Subscription to Token Holders
First Ten Projects Publishing
International Publishing Partnerships
International Corporate Establishment
First Animated Webseries “Alex Got Rekt”

Q1 2022

Partnership Expansion Program
Payment Gateway Integration
Content acquisition & partnerships for populating content
First MContent Original Web Series announced
Partnerships with big influencers
MLive – Partnerships with global events for Live Stream
Updated website to go Live
Monetization on Platform
Top 10 exchange Listing

Q2 2022

Major Over the Top Collaborations
MOriginals - First Film Release
MOriginals Blockchain series new episode release
MLive – Live Stream platform to be launched
Huge NFT project announcement
First concert to be streamed live on MLive
MContent – Collaborations with influencers
Partnership with CEX Dubai
Partnership with Crypto Expo Singapore
Wallet & Swap functionality on Platform
NFT & BTS NFT Collection Launch
Website V2
App analytics and advertising on platform
First Cineverse in the Metaverse Experience center in Dubai

Q3 2022

Major Movie projects in US & Asian Markets
Bigger & Better MSeeds Reality TV Show
MSeed 50 Project Seed WIP
Mega NFT based film project announcement
Global Independent filmmakers conference
MContent first MOriginal Webseries reveal
New cross-chain exchange bridge
Major app functionality upgrades
Multi-language Support added on Platform

Q4 2022

Blockchain meetups
Major Hollywood celebrity announcement
Major YouTuber announcement
Blockchain series
1 Million app downloads
Amplify Watch hours on MOriginals
Major sporting event partnership
Music festival event partnership
Gaming partnership
In-App Merchandize
Publish 2023 roadmap

Get In Touch

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  • MContent Digital Marketing Pvt Limited – 3rd Floor, J & C Building, P.O.Box 362, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • MSeed – Seed Platform Information Technology LLC – Offical Content & Platform Partners of MContent – 1502B, 15th Floor, Business Central Towers, Tower B, Dubai Internet City (DIC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates